Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty

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Do you want to hover in mid water? Do you want to get close to underwater creatures without risk to yourself or the environment? Do you want to snap the perfect photo of the underwater life without disturbing it?
If so, then the Peak Performance Buoyancy course is for you – have fun while you learn how to hone your buoyancy skills!

The completion of the Padi Open Water  Diver course is a prerequisite.

You will make two (2) dives and learn :
• How to wear/use your equipment in the water to achieve perfect buoyancy.
• How to hover comfortably both horizontally and vertically.
• How to hover in order to consume less air and to move efficiently through water.
• How to calculate the right weight belt for you.

And you will do a series of fun buoyancy skills underwater, such as hovering through hula-hoops, etc.

The next experience is another specialty. By getting five specialties and by completing the Padi Rescue Diver course you can get the highest amateurish diving recognition, the Master Scuba Diver title and win a place on the Diving Store’s Wall of Fame!