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Book for a recreational fun dive with the best gang, Diving’s Store gang. Join our scheduled weekly dives (either by boat or from shore)

In the best interest of your entertainment and of your pocket is to book a package of dives with Diving’s Store team.

You can book a package of 5, 10, 15 or 20 dives or even book a family package of 6 or 12 dives.

Book your packages by mail at info@divingstore.gr

But if you would rather dive with your friends or on your own, book a dive according to your schedule (private).

Our destination?

The amazing Saronic Gulf!

Saronic is more than a series of beach bars! It has a wonderful underwater geophysical relief combined with a mild weather for the greatest part of the year. It is an ideal environment for those who wish to dive safely and still get the thrills! Reefs, caves, islands, rockpiles, wrecks are awaiting you for exploration. This is a Saronic that most people will never know.We divide our destinations in zones depending of the distance and our excursions to morning, afternoon, night or even daily ones