Navigator Specialty

Navigator Specialty

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Did you ever wonder how does your Divemaster manage to always find his way underwater? For sure it is not a matter of luck! It’s due to proper training and experience. By completing the Padi Underwater Navigator specialty you will also learn everything you need to know in order to be easily oriented during your dive.

The completion of the Open Water course is a prerequisite.

You will make three dives and learn all that is to know about :

  • Planning a search.
  • Navigating with natural landmarks.
  • Navigating with a compass.
  • Creating underwater maps.
  • Estimating distance underwater.

The next experience is another specialty. By getting five specialties and by completing the Padi Rescue Diver course you can get the highest amateurish diving recognition, the Master Scuba Diver title and win a place on the Diving Store’s Wall of Fame